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sprite elimination collab

2009-01-29 11:20:35 by metlwing

I know this has probably been done before, maybe... But my reasoning is that I bet there are a lot of sprite animators that are wandering around looking for a collab, hoping one will open. Well, I was thinking that too. So I decided to start a collab!


mario gets a big head about his strength, so sends letters to all the other powerful fighters he knows that they should have afree for all brawl to determine who's best. Many respond (who comes is up to the authors.). And the big brawl begins.


ANY level of expertise is welcome

stage size: 550 x 400

Framerate: 24 fps

I need:
a preloader
a menu
part1-I've already done it

I'm terrible at actionscripting so I NEED someone who can make a preloader and someone who can make a menu as well.

Guys, you don't have to continue the animation before you, you can zoom to a different part of the island to introduce your own characters, eventually, they will come together, meaning you will need to provide your sprites to the others if the characters come in contact, or at least give a link. I'm excited to have you guys onboard, and if we NEED to, we can extend the number of parts.

Please, I don't have room or time for flames about how "terrible" sprite animation is, or how "overdone" my idea is. This is kind of an Extras collab, for those who missed all the other ones so far for now and want to join. ic.php?t=4006 is the link to the ngcollabs version of this

Respond or PM if you want to join.


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2009-01-29 14:22:42

I'll join. How's Mario VS. the robot masters of Megaman sound?

metlwing responds:

good! make your part, and give it to me when you can, be sure to keep me updated on progress! What part, (choose any part 4 or later)

Glad to have you on board!


2009-02-08 14:58:30

I might try to get in so can you have a spot open if I could join? Becouse I have an idea how does Luigi Vs. Shadow mario? and where did you get sound effects?
well I will try.

metlwing responds:

okay, you're in! I'll try to get a PM to you ASAP to give you sound effects if you want them.


2009-02-11 13:45:46

I'll make a preloader

metlwing responds:

good! very good! thank you!

sorry for the over-excitedness, but I needed a preloader maker. Keep me updated.


2009-02-18 17:56:27

I can help you but I do not really understand what I do.What am really supposed to do?


2009-02-19 08:01:21

I will join and make an actionscript for ep,5.Hwbout Sonic vs. Bowser?

metlwing responds:


just out of curiosity, and not of neccesity, can I see some of your work? (like a little testing of a sprite.) You don't have to show me, but it would be nice to see.


2009-03-18 11:25:20

I can help. But tell me when the deadline is.

I think I can make a Mario and Luigi vs Wario and Waluigi thing.